Saving the Lord Mayor
Beating the Bard

The stalwart adventurers have concocted a plan to rescue the Lord Mayor from the clutches of the Evil bard Emmentaler. They have acquired uniforms of the city guard from Lord Sherrif Esta Pureleaf, and will accompany Lord Vancil and the Lord Sherrif into the castle for their appointed meeting. Once in the castle, the adventurers will use their wits and charm to search for the Bard and put an end to him…hopefully.

The episode begins innocuously, with their first stage of the plan a raging success. Once they enter the great hall of the keep, they are left by the Lords to their own devices. The party decides to gather their wits at a table in the hall, then sends Badger to do a little reconnaissance of the exits from the room. His search locates a set of stairs up, a guarded hallway, a closed door, and some comely lasses working in the kitchen. They decide that Sssa’A will change his disguise in the stairwell to that of the nasty Trask, the Lord Mayor’s son’s lead henchman, and then gather the random guards (the rest of the group). From that point, they will breeze past the guards and go explore the keep.

An unfortunate turn of events occurs when one of the curs fighting over a bone in the room becomes curious about the strange reptilian scent it keeps detecting. As it approaches, Gnarf tries to garner it’s interest with goofy baby talk and a kissing noise…and fails. Brakkin learns that curs won’t eat trail rations, and then in a desperate last ditch effort, Gnarf tries to fart to throw the dog off of the scent. Luck is in his favor but not his friend as he slips from gaseous emanations to semi-liquid ones…sharting himself…but still successfully distracting the dog.

Undiscovered, Sssa’A shifts his appearance, then returns to the hall to find an embarrassed Gnarf being escorted past the guards to the privy. He gathers the remaining party members, and they enter the guarded hallway. The guards

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